viral promote any Amazon store or product

viral promote any Amazon store or product

It's a premium promotion campaign, but please don't ask for a few dollars what AdWords and FB ads offer for hundreds or thousands of dollars!!!

Get your Amazon store or product advertised on most popular social networks in the world!

What I'll do for you:
You will get between 100 to 300 daily visits for 1 month to your store via relevant social media communities. Also, due to the social media activity you'll get some "residual" traffic from main search engines. Most traffic is from US and some from other premium countries (like Canada, France, UK), but too less from other regions (it's avoided as much as possible traffic from asian contries).

- please send me 1 link (not more);
- to monitor your traffic, you'll get a live tracking link from goo,gl or bit,ly;
- I can't replace the link after the campaign is started;
- I can't guarantee sales: nobody can be forced to buy! You have to have competitive prices and "trending"/hot products.
- please don't order multiple times for the same link (I can deliver up to 1000 daily visits per live tracking link)

I don't accept orders from new, blank or suspicious buyer profiles (get some reviews from other sellers, and then you're welcomed). Also, your buyer rating should be 100%...
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